What You Didn’t Know About Monrovia, MD

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What You Didn’t Know About Monrovia, MD

Located in southeastern Frederick County, just one mile south of New Market, Monrovia is one of the safest and most family-friendly towns in Maryland. This small town has a population of 433 people. With only one neighborhood, Monrovia is the 252nd largest community in Maryland.


Unlike many other towns, Monrovia has a unique mix of both white- and blue-collar jobs. The town is home to a number of managers, teachers, professionals, construction workers and builders. More people working in Monrovia work on computers or math than 95% of other places in the U.S.


Monrovia’s crime rate is lower than the country’s average, making it an extremely safe place to live. This small town has fewer renters, college students and young children than many other towns in Maryland. Monrovia is an extremely quiet and peaceful town.

Raising Children

Monrovia is a fantastic choice for families with children. The town has an excellent school district and a large population of college-educated adults. In fact, citizens of Monrovia are among the most educated in the nation. Since many families call Monrovia home, children living here have plenty of opportunities to build lasting friendships.


Monrovia is brimming with history. During the 17th century, American Indians used to land to fish and hunt. European settlers began arriving during the 18th century. The town began with a flour mill and a saw mill. The flour produced by the mill was said to be of such good quality that it was sold all the way to Brazil. The town’s general store, Wood-Walker General Store, did more business than any other store in Frederick County. In 1880, Monrovia was the largest community in the New Market election district.

New Homes in Monrovia, MD

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