Steve & Amy Say Goodbye to Georgetown, Hello to Frederick County

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Steve & Amy Say Goodbye to Georgetown, Hello to Frederick County

There was a time in Steve and Amy’s lives when the top of their “must haves” list read:

Urban setting, within walking distance to shops and restaurants 

No lawn maintenance 

One, or maybe two bedrooms — We don’t need more space than that.

They found all that and more in their Washington DC walk up: two bedrooms, no lawn, just minutes from the Georgetown waterfront. It’s their own little slice of paradise. Or, it was until recently.

Because Steve and Amy are parents now.

The staff at their favorite brunch spot has nearly forgotten what they look like, and the walls of that small space they once cherished are closing in around them (babies need so much stuff, and where are Amy’s parents supposed to sleep when they come visit? Certainly not in the baby’s room…).

Needless to say, their “must haves” list looks a little bit different now: 

They want a modern kitchen, and space for entertaining. 

Because the bar is no longer their scene, but dinner parties are fun.

They want a yard, and they’ll be glad to maintain it.

Because little Joey needs a place to run and play.

They want a little peace and quiet.

Because they’re not 25 anymore, and the baby is napping.

Steve and Amy need look no further than Landsdale in Frederick County.

The homes here offer an unprecedented level of sophistication and style, blending seamlessly traditionally classic architectural elements and today’s most sought-after features. A new Frederick County home at Landsdale promises the most modern of appointments, the most intelligent of designs, in the most convenient of locations — all from the area’s leading homebuilders.

Steve heads off to his high-pressure Washington DC job, all the while knowing he gets to come home to his beautiful family, in a beautiful neighborhood with less congestion, a simpler pace, and a location that’s nothing short of idyllic.

Be like Steve and Amy. Come home to Frederick County. 

Contact us today to learn more about Landsdale, or to schedule a visit.


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