Your New Home is Waiting Just Around the Bend, at Landsdale in Frederick County


Your New Home is Waiting Just Around the Bend, at Landsdale in Frederick County

So you’ve made the decision to buy a new townhome in Frederick County… and what a great decision that was. The purchase of your very first home is a process that requires much thought and preparation, and even more investment — emotional as well as financial. But it’s more than that. It’s so much more than a down payment-sized hole in your checking account and a signature on the bottom line.

It’s about building a life, and a space perfect for entertaining, perfect for living.

It’s all about coming home to the home of your dreams in Frederick County.

Buying a new construction home at Landsdale presents unique opportunities for you, the Maryland homebuyer, because you truly get to design the home of your dreams. These luxurious Frederick County homes offer an unprecedented level of sophistication and style, blending seamlessly traditionally classic architectural elements and today’s most sought-after features. A new Frederick County home at Landsdale promises the most modern of appointments, the most intelligent of designs, in the most convenient of locations, in a variety of floorplans to suit your taste and style — all from the area’s leading homebuilders.

When you choose to buy a new home at Landsdale, our experienced home consultants will walk you through the home buying, design, and building process.

Step 1: Select your home, and choose your options.

When you choose to buy a new home in Frederick County at Landsdale, you make decisions like townhome or single-family home from one of our exceptional, exclusive builders; the perfect floorplan, and the optional upgrades you simply must have.

Step 2: Apply for financing, and sign the home contract.

Winchester Homes, Ryan Homes, and CalAtlantic Homes are top among Maryland’s most well respected hombuilders, and they’re working hard on site at Landsdale — not just to quality construction, but also to offer unique arrangements with preferred (or in-house) lenders to ensure each Maryland homebuyer has a range of financing options available. Work directly with your home sales agent to estimate your mortgage amount, prequalify for a home loan, and most important of all: apply for that loan, so construction can begin.

Step 3: Stay in touch as construction begins. 

At Landsdale, we make it our mission to keep the homeowner involved every step of the way. From the day the slab is poured, through each construction checkpoint, until the finishing touches are added, and beyond, your new Frederick County home is yours.

Step 5: Close, and move in!

It’s finally here: It’s closing day! The keys are yours, the house is yours, and the moving truck is loaded up. All that’s left to do now is unpack and plan a date for that holiday part you’ve been dreaming of hosting.

You bought the home of your dreams, and got so much more…

Contact us to learn more about coming home to Landsdale.


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