Establishing Your Home Work Space

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Establishing Your Home Work Space

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had to make the switch to working from home. Although this provides a convenient option, it creates challenges for individuals and families as well. These challenges only increase when students return to school. With students’ distance learning and parents working from home, it becomes almost impossible to find the separation between the home and office. Although it’s important to stay productive at both work and school, it’s equally important to ensure you have enough space to relax and connect as a family.

Creating Separation Between Work and Home

Many parents find it difficult to juggle their professional and parenting roles when working from home. Children and parents may have multiple video calls running at the same time, creating background noise and distractions. This can create tension as family members attempt to talk over each other. For the working parent, background noise can impact job performance and make them appear unprofessional.

Whether students are distance learning or have returned to school, it’s crucial that everyone has their own work space. Creating separate work spaces for each person in the household helps create a separation between home and office. This mental separation allows students and remote workers to focus on their work, making them much more productive.

Creating a Work Space for Adults

When creating a work space for adults, it’s important to choose a space that’s separate from the areas of the home commonly used to relax and unwind. The work space should remain as quiet as possible and have plenty of natural light. Although parents should be able to keep tabs on their children, it’s important to keep the work space as private as possible. Setting up a silent communication system can help parents avoid unexpected interruptions. For example, parents can set-up a system where a closed door means to come back later. Of course, parents should always make an exception for emergencies.

Setting Up a Work Space for Students

Many of the same ideas apply when setting up a work space for children. If your child doesn’t have a desk, now is the time to invest in one. Make sure they have access to everything they need to complete their work at home. Set-up their work space away from where they rest or play. The goal is to create a space where students can be just as productive as they would in the classroom. This is important even after students return to school. Students tend to complete homework more efficiently if they have their own work space.

Ensuring Enough Space for Your Family

Over the past eight months, many people have found their current home simply cannot accommodate the changing needs of their family. As a result, many individuals and families are purchasing larger homes. Homebuilders are taking the changing needs of individuals and families into consideration when building new homes. Many new homes, like those at Landsdale Frederick, offer enough space to give everyone a comfortable, quiet, and relatively private work space. Upgrading to a larger home allows parents and students to each have their own work space while maintaining space for family members to connect, relax, and unwind.

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